About us

In 1999, Robert Ręka started working in international transport. Initially, this amounted to the courier service with vans up to 3500 DMC. The success of the first years allowed in 2003 the expansion of the services offered. This led to the formation of TSM SERVICE Robert Ręka, a company specialized in two main directions - international transport and shipping. Today, with a fleet of more than 50 vehicles, we are able to service businesses of all sizes and pursue the vision of a “Green Unit”. This means we are making a constant effort for systematic improvement and renewal of the vehicles with MAN trucks in the emulsion class EURO 6 as well as new KRONE curtainsider trailers with the default certificate XL.

Our fleet, ranging from vans to 3500 DMC and curtainsider trucks, alongside our location network for cargo provides the flexibility and fast pace mobility that premium global transport requires. This strength comes from our proud partners and solid network composed of individual carriers and mid-sized transport companies working under our umbrella.

From the beginning, the needs and requirements of our customers are the motivation for ever more effective actions, and the market demand inspired us for continuous development. We are full of gratitude to our partners for their kindness and collaboration. Openness, good business relations and confidence in current affairs were the foundation for our success and are the places in which we find ourselves today. We also want to share our success and our experience with our partners, as well as continuously take action based on our customer’s needs. Our mission is providing the highest performance and quality in all services that we deliver. We are aware that we are the connection between our customers and their contractors therefore drive our efforts to the success of our business partners. Our motto is:


... Transport

Are you a small manufacturer, a large trading company, an international tycoon? Do you have products requiring transport? We know how to help. We are the bridge between you and your contractor with the highest quality guaranteed. We know each company and each region requires its own unique approach and we are able to provide that with our diverse offering, fleet, partners and the latest in-market technology. See it for yourself, try us! Each vehicle is equipped with a control system, either GPS FINDER ON LINE or MAN TELEMATICS. You can get real-time information regarding where your cargo is, and its current route.

Safety is our priority, therefore, in addition to legally required qualifications, we train our employees systematically in many different fields, starting with internal company trainings, to nationally accredited sessions. Our vans are fully adapted and equipped for ADR cargos. Based on the appropriate authorizations we transport each type of waste disposals with the exception of medical wastes. We also offer a high level of experience in combined transport with the use of ferries and charter flights.

... Shipping

We currently own 50 transport vehicles, as well as partner with several transport companies and individual shippers throughout Europe. This allows us to respond to the needs of our customers quickly and flexibly. Competent drivers with several years of experience are available 24/7 at your disposal. We never leave you alone with your problems. We respect your time and therefore are looking for accurate information in advance about your cargo. Thanks to this, the work of our drivers is utilized optimally and effectively.

Our regular partners are large manufacturing, logistics and freight forwarding companies from many European countries. Thanks to this we can guarantee connections for export from Poland and for imports into the country. Our national presence is equally strong where we have increased our footprint by loyal customers with whom we maintain reliable and trust-based long-lasting relationships.

... Storage

We offer areas proper for cargo storage and its later shipping. On need of our Clients' we are able to store smaller cargo in our storage points, connect them into larger consignment and prepare them for collection or delivery to target customer. We are also able to handle full-vehicle cargo and deliver it to the customer in smaller parts. We offer great localizations in Gliwice (near Sośnica Interchange), in Tychy and near Heilbronn (Germany). We are fully prepared to perform any storage operations.